Have you ever looked at Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé and desired a curvy backside like theirs? Are you tired of hitting the gym looking for the perfect butt? We at Skin Expert Clinic offer you an alternative for that. Our skilled dermatologist, Dr. Yassine, guarantees you large lifted buttocks through butt injections performed at his office in Beirut, Lebanon.

To understand everything regarding butt injections, check the Question-Answer section below.

brazilian butt lift

1. What are Butt Injections?

Butt injections are alternatives for acquiring a lifted and curvy body shape without undergoing surgery. Instead, this procedure will inject hyaluronic acid fillers to show immediate improvement to your bottom. What distinguishes butt injections from implants or fat grafting is that it doesn’t need anesthesia and it also stimulates collagen production. You will notice a smoother and more contoured backside as soon as the operation is done.

To best satisfy his patients’ expectations, Dr. Yassine customizes the procedure to fit each body type and different aesthetic desires. People who choose butt injections usually want to get rid of undesirable cellulite, a shapeless bottom, little downtime, and fast recovery.

2. How Are Butt Injections Performed?

To start, the dermatologist will apply a topical anesthetic to the area. Later, some vials of Hyaluronic acid, which gives volume to the butt and fills cellulite dimples, will be injected into the buttocks in even layers. This operation may need 20 to 30 minutes to be done. Besides, the number of sessions varies according to the patient’s goals and the buttocks’ size before the injections.

3. How Long Is My Recovery After Butt Injections?

After undergoing butt injections, little to no downtime may be needed. However, mild bruising and swelling are common for five to seven days and patients must prevent applying pressure to the area for two to three weeks. Patients may go back to their normal activities once they feel comfortable.

4. When Can I Exercise After My Butt Injections?

As previously mentioned, swelling and little pain are common in the first week after butt injections. During this period, it is recommended to avoid effortful activities. Also, make sure to avoid practicing exercises that ask for a long sitting time for two to three weeks.

5. When Will I See the Results From My Butt Injections?

The final results are usually perceived as soon as the bruising and swelling decrease and this may take a few days to 2 weeks. You will notice a curvy, lifted butt that most likely won’t need any touch-up for two years.

If you aspire to have a Brazilian Butt, Dr. Yassine provides you a reliable procedure without the need for liposuction or implants. Get the perfect butt in half an hour!