Benign moles are harmless skin growths that have different colors (pink, brown, or skin-colored) and sizes. Some of these moles are soft and flat while others may be plump and projected out of the skin surface, looking like a small ball. A great majority of these skin conditions appear due to genetics and, since they are non-cancerous, they may be left untouched. However, to avoid rubbing and irritations, some patients choose to remove it.
At Skin Expert Clinic, our dermatologist Dr. Yassine can successfully perform the removal procedure during an office visit. Get rid of the moles that bother you at our cosmetology clinic in Beirut, Lebanon!

Sebaceous cyst removal

1. When it is a must to examine my moles?

Most moles are benign but when you notice a change in their color, symmetry, borders, or size, you have to look for a dermatologist. A skin expert will determine what to do with those moles (biopsy or surgical removal) and whether they are harmless or risky.

2. What happens throughout the surgical removal?

During the mole removal surgery, our dermatologist will wrap up with refined suturing techniques to avoid excess scarring and allow the incision line to heal leaving no marks.

3. What happens after mole removal?

It is common for a mole to develop into skin cancer and this can only be diagnosed by a pathologist. For this reason, when the procedure is done, the specimen is sent to be examined for any sign of skin cancer. At Skin Expert Clinic, Dr. Yassine with the collaboration of the top dermatopathology center in Beirut will provide you with the most precise diagnosis of your mole type.

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