Fillers are injectable gels composed of hyaluronic acid; you can naturally find this substance in your skin, connective tissues, and eyes. They add fullness to your skin and help restore the lost volume to the face, lips, and hands. Dr. Yassine is an advanced cosmetic injector who guarantees the best natural results with fillers for both men and women at Skin Expert Clinic, Beirut, Lebanon.

1. What are Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are “the Celebrities anti-aging secret for a youthful look.”
People are most afraid of aging and the changes that come with it. These changes include skin sagging, bone resorption, fat pad displacement, ligaments loosening, and facial volume loss.

2. What are the main indications for dermal fillers?

Fillers are ideal for:

  • Restoring fullness to the cheeks and deep creases
  • Plumping the lips
  • Smoothening fine lines
  • Contouring the jawline and projecting the chin
  • Rejuvenating hands, neck, and décolletage
  • Lifting the eyebrows
  • Treating Dark circles
  • Flattening depressed acne scars

3. What is a liquid facelift?

The 8 Point Lift or liquid facelift, was first introduced by Dr. Mauricio de Maio in 2010. It is a non-surgical treatment that restores facial volume and structure by injecting dermal fillers in 8 different sites. The objective of this treatment is to achieve a flawless facelift without surgical scars or downtime.

4. What should I know before getting filler injections?

  • The treatment duration is between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • At our cosmetic dermatology clinic, Dr. Yassine will perform a full-face analysis concerning your aesthetic needs and concerns; he’ll be introducing you throughout to the best
  • A topical anesthetic will be applied before you get the injections. The anesthetic used at Skin Expert Clinic is so strong that you almost feel no pain.
  • If you bruise easily, you will have to take arnica pills two days before your treatment.

5. What must I do after getting filler injections?

In case these injections cause redness or swelling, Dr. Yassine will recommend icing the treated area for 15-20 minutes before returning to your everyday activities.

6. What should I avoid after fillers injections?

  • Engaging in any strenuous physical activity for the next 24 hours
  • Using a tanning bed or any other type of indoor tanning
  • Exposing your skin to the sun or heat
  • Massaging the treated area, unless you receive instructions to do so

7. When will I notice the effect of filler injections?

You will notice the effect of filler injections immediately, but you will need 15 days to see the final result. It’s the time required by the hyaluronic acid to achieve total tissue integration.

8. How long will the results from hyaluronic acid fillers last?

The results usually last from 9 months to 1.5 years, and sometimes more! For instance, the results you get from under eye fillers can last from 1 to 3 years. However, you might need to repeat these injections every nine months to maintain your youthful appearance.

Vital information to tell Dr. Yassine

At our cosmetic clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Yassine must know about any medical condition you have, such as allergies, a heart condition, cold sore breakouts, or bleeding disorder.
It is also vital that you inform him whether or not you are taking Warfarin, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, or Ginger supplements.

Always remember that you’re beautiful the way you are, but with fillers, you will be even more beauty-full!