You certainly know someone who suffers from eczema or at least has heard about it before. Eczema is a common condition that makes your skin itchy, inflamed or rough. The causes may sometimes be uncertain but we assure you the best treatment at our top dermatology clinic, Skin Expert Clinic, located in Beirut – Lebanon. With the help of Dr. Yassine, your skin will look clearer than ever!

To become more aware of eczema, refer to the information below prepared by our dermatologist, Dr. Yassine.

atopic eczema treatment

1. What is eczema?

Eczema, also known as dermatitis, is a skin outbreak that results in itchy, red, dry, and inflamed spots in the skin. This condition affects people of all ages and is the main cause of dry and sensitive skin. It is usually triggered by substances that irritate your skin or that you’re sensible resulting in an allergic reaction.

2. What causes eczema?

Dermatologists affirm that there are different types of eczema and their causes are not so easy to define. Usually, common irritants and allergens, such as household soaps and detergents, engine oils, cold winds, perfumes, rubber, and certain food and plants, trigger skin flare-ups. Thus, staying away from specific substances may limit the symptoms.

3. What is the itch-scratch cycle?

When irritation begins, the skin gets itchy and the most common response is to scratch. However, the more you scratch, the more you itch leading you to a cycle called “itch-scratch cycle” and it is responsible for the skin flare-up.

4. How do I control my skin flare-up of eczema and dermatitis?

Treating the irritation as soon as it begins is the best form of breaking the itch-scratch cycle. Dr. Yassine, therefore, advise you to start your treatment early to get rid of the itching and inflammation more effectively.

5. How is eczema treated?

Eczema can be treated with emollients, steroid creams (also known as corticosteroid creams), immunomodulators (Tacrolimus, Pimecrolimus), antihistamines or phototherapy. However, it is essential to find the right treatment for your case.

At Skin Expert Clinic, Dr. Yassine will help you clear your skin and stop your itching by defining the cause of your eczema and prescribing you the appropriate customized treatment.