Fotona 4D Facelift is a natural treatment that helps combat aging. It enables collagen contraction by combining four modes of laser treatments: Smooth®, Frac3®, Piano®, and Superficial™ and two complementary wavelengths. At our cosmetic clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Yassine can help you treat various skin conditions using this technology with almost no downtime.

1. What does Fotona 4D Laser treat?

Fotona 4D Laser is best for:

  • Tightening the skin
  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing pores
  • Improving skin texture and tone
  • Reducing the depth of nasolabial folds (smile lines)

2-Is there any downtime after a Fotona 4D Laser treatment?

Not really! There is almost no downtime after Fotona laser treatment. After the procedure, patients can directly go back to their daily activities.

3-How many Fotona 4D Laser treatments do I need?

For best results, you will need about three treatments spaced 14-21 days apart.

4-Does a Fotona 4D Laser treatment hurt?

This treatment is pain-free; however, some patients may experience a mild pinching sensation that resolves within a few days.

5-When will I notice the results?

Some patients notice the results immediately. You will see the final effect after 2-3 months, which is the time needed for collagen formation.

6-Will a Fotona 4D Laser treatment cause my skin to peel?

Yes, but the peeling will be mild. At Skin Expert Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, you can inform Dr. Yassine that you do not want your skin to peel, and he will skip the fourth step of the treatment.

7-Will I be able to apply makeup after the treatment?

You can wear makeup twenty-four hours after the treatment.

A Radiant, Clear & Tight Skin?

Fotona 4D Laser!