Vascular laser treatment is an effective and innovative way of treating pigmented and vascular lesions of the skin. It is a revolutionary solution for various skin disorders that has gained a lot of attention in the last decade. At Skin Expert Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, we use a combination of the latest laser technology in the market to assure you reach the ideal skin. Our Skin Expert will customize your laser treatment to provide you the best results for your skincare concern.

Our dermatologist answers all your doubts about this procedure in the section below.

What conditions are treated with lasers/energy-based devices?

Some examples of conditions that may be treated with laser are numerous birthmarks, dilated vessels due to sun exposure, or medical conditions like rosacea, red noses or cheeks, hemangiomas, and some scars.

What devices are used to treat these conditions?

The device used varies according to the condition being treated. We use PDL and IPL to treat vascular lesions such as rosacea and telangiectasias. Other lasers like Q-Switched (QS) Nd: YAG lasers, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and Picosecond Nd: YAG is used to treat pigmentation disorders and conditions like freckles, lentigos, and melasma.

Description of treatment

The preciseness of laser treatments allows only selected targets of the skin to be destroyed leaving the rest of the tissues untouched. For this reason, it receives the name of the “principle of selective destruction”. It is possible by selecting a wavelength of light that the targeted structure can fully absorb in a very short period of the light pulse. This innovative concept has revolutionized the treatment of various skin diseases due to its unique feature of targeting blood vessels, vascular and pigmented birthmarks, and pigmentation abnormalities.

What outcome should patients expect?

The number of sessions needed for the marks to disappear depending on the skin condition, varying from 1-2 or a series of treatments. After the treatment, the patient must abide by the post-operative guidelines like avoiding sun exposure and applying broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly.

At Skin Expert Clinic, we use the latest technologies to help you reach clear skin!