Have you ever noticed an excessive amount of gum under your upper lip while smiling? This condition is called as a gummy smile or excessive gingival display.

Patients who visit our cosmetic dermatology clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, usually say that their gummy smile makes them dissatisfied. Dr. Yassine combines botox and fillers to correct your gummy smile and give you a perfect smile you deserve.

What causes a gummy smile?

The appearance of a gummy smile may be caused by:

  • An overgrowth of the maxilla (upper jaw bone)
  • Long or enlarged gums
  • A too-short upper lip
  • Teeth that appear small in comparison to the gums
  • An upper lip that raises higher than average due to the hyperfunction of the lip elevator muscles

What non-surgical treatments are available?

At Skin Expert Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Yassine will help you identify the treatment that is best for you; he will target the cause of your gummy smile. Minimally invasive methods such as Botox and fillers treat mild and moderate cases. Lip fillers help cover the gums by adding volume to the upper lip. On the other hand, Botox can be used to prevent the lip from raising higher than usual by paralyzing the lip elevator muscles. These procedures can be performed within a few minutes at the clinic with no downtime!

A perfect smile melts the hearts of others!