Check out the best dark circles under eye treatment at Skin Expert Clinic

How many times have you looked in the mirror and were bothered by seeing the black circles under your eyes? There is no doubt that it makes your face look tired and devoid of vitality and freshness. But what you should be aware of is that every problem has a treatment at Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon), where the specialist in dermatology and cosmetology, Dr. Yassine always finds the best and most effective treatment method for each person according to the case. So, stay with us to learn more about the treatments for dark circles under the eyes.

Professional treatment is usually based on the dark circles’ origin

Why is Skin Expert Clinic a reference in Lebanon for the treatment of dark circles under eyes? Because every case is given appropriate attention. Before starting the treatment of dark circles, Dr. Yassine checks them and the factors that caused them.

Some people have a cavity under the eyes, or the skin around the eyes can be thick and blackish. Or on the contrary, the skin can be thin, which leads to the appearance of blue arteries through it. Although the genetic factor is often dominant over all of these cases, yet each of them has a special treatment, as we will mention below.

  • Hyaluronic acid filler for the cavity under the eye: If the problem lies in the cavity, the dermatologist and cosmetologist, Dr. Yassine, resorts to injecting hyaluronic acid fillers to fill the cavity, which restores radiance and freshness to the eye contour. But here it should be noted that the filler must be injected deep under the eye in order not to leave any trace or lead to visible swelling, so experience and high skills are necessary in this field!

Also, the filler used must be FDA approved, as well as all types of fillers used in Skin Expert Clinic. Filler is often done once a year, but many people do not usually need to do it before two years or even three years, depending on each case.

  • Chemical Peel Lightening Injections: Dr. Yassine adopts special lightening mixtures that are injected under the eyes to restore radiance to this area. Lightening injections are integrated with chemical peels, which remove dark circles under the eye.
  • Laser for the treatment of visible blue arteries: If your blue arteries are visible through the thin layer of skin, this is a problem that also has a treatment at Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon), where Dr. Yassine uses the vascular laser to remove these arteries, so you can get rid of the blue circles that you are trying to hide with make-up products. Often only one session is needed to treat this problem, with the possibility of redoing the session if the situation requires it.

And we point out that in some cases, there is more than one problem for a person, such as the combination of cavity and darkening of the skin or cavity and blue arteries. Here, Dr. Yassine combines techniques to deliver impressive results that exceed all expectations!

As for some other techniques that you may hear about for treating dark circles, such as carboxy or PRP injections, they are not used by Skin Expert Clinic because they have proven ineffective in treating under eyes’ dark circles.

What about other common problems around the eye?

Dark circles are not the only problem in the eye area, there are many people who visit Dr. Yassine also aiming at getting rid of puffiness under the eyes. Here, he resorts to injecting the filler under the bulge in order to hide it, depending on the method of merging. But if the swelling is in a very advanced case, the solution is undergoing surgery to remove it.

Also, wrinkles under the eyes are quite common problems that need a solution. That is why Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon) is waiting for you to provide you with an effective treatment using fractional laser technology to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Finally, we remind you of the importance of maintaining a routine of eye contour care and applying moisturizing creams. They help maintain the skin’s health and the beauty of its appearance, knowing that they cannot treat the dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles require advanced treatment techniques, just like what you find at Dr. Yassine’s clinic.

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