What are the secrets of the impressive Microneedling technique success at Skin Expert Clinic?

Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston … Many Hollywood stars rely on Microneedling technology to enhance the radiance of the skin. And this is what pushed many to try this technology they heard of. But the result, unfortunately, is not always what they expected. The reason is that the success of microneedling has its secrets.

The dermatologist and cosmetologist, Dr. Yassine, will reveal them to you, since he has impressive results on this technique in his specialized dermatology and cosmetology clinic, Skin Expert Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon. Keep reading to find out how you can really benefit from microneedling!

Microneedling procedure at Skin Expert Clinic

It is known that microneedling is based on twinging with micro needles, but to achieve this there are several devices that can be used. Here, we reveal to you the first secret to the microneedling success at Skin Expert Clinic.

Dr. Yassine uses the Nanopore Stylus 02, which is considered the most advanced in this field. What distinguishes it from other devices that are used in beauty centers is that the needles are very thin and the level of penetration into the inner layers of the skin can be controlled.

These needles injected by Dr. Yassine are professionally applied under the skin to stimulate the secretion of collagen and elastin, two types of proteins responsible for the elasticity, youth, and freshness of the skin. The results appear gradually after the first microneedling session, and the result shows within three months, when the skin restoration process is completed.

Since the Nanopore Stylus 02 device available at Skin Expert Clinic (Lebanon, Beirut) allows the control of the depth of entry into the layers of the skin, Dr. Yassine does microneedling for several purposes. It can be adopted to obtain a remarkable glow, but also to treat more difficult problems that require a more deepening of the needle such as open pores, unify skin tone and treat fine lines caused by aging.

It is also noteworthy that Dr. Yassine also relies on microneedling as a complementary treatment for acne scars, especially hypotrophic scars. He examines the scars to determine the possibility of using this technique and the extent of its positive effect, according to each case.

Microneedling needs to be combined with other Skin Expert Clinic treatments!

After we introduced you to the first secret of the microneedling technique secret at Dr.Yassine’s clinic, it is time for us to reveal to you the second secret!

Dr. Yassine does not use this technique alone, but combines it with other techniques to achieve great results that impress everyone who tries it:

  •  First, Skin Boosters
  • Second, laser technology when needed and according to the problem that the skin suffers from
  • Third, radiofrequency technology.
  • Fourth, Mesotherapy, where Dr. Yassine chooses the best type of mesotherapy injections based on nanotechnology to allow the solutions to reach the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. He determines each skin needs from mesotherapy injections according to the problem you suffer from (skin pigmentation, scars…). Among the injections given, for example, retinol, growth factors (Growth Factors), tranexamic acid (Tranexamic Acid) for lightening.
  • Fifthly, Dr. Yassine can use plasma injection (PRP) technique when needed.

So, as you can see, the second secret that we revealed to you is particularly important, because it is the integration of technologies that will achieve the results you aspire to.

How to get a satisfactory result?

Now you know the secrets behind the microneedling technique success, and we will as well draw your attention to some important matters, that ensure you a satisfactory result:

  • Regarding the frequency of sessions, if your goal is to achieve a noticeable radiance of the skin, you can go to Skin Expert Clinic (Lebanon, Beirut) once every two weeks to get a session.
  • In the event of a skin problem that is treated through microneedling, which requires the entry of needles to deeper levels in the skin, the session should be once a month, and you need 6 continuous sessions. To maintain the results, repeat the session once every 6 months after the end of the treatment.

In terms of side effects after the session, it is related to the depth of the needles’ entry into the layers of the skin. For cases that do not require depth, there is a slight redness that gradually disappears. In curative cases, Dr. Yassine might deepen more, and this causes more redness. Therefore, attention should be paid to the importance of sun protection through applying the sunscreen and well moisturizing the skin during the week following the microneedling session.

Dr. Yassine stresses the importance of not adopting the microneedling technique for active acne or eczema, as such skin conditions require specific treatments. Upon recovery, microneedling can be resorted to. It is also noted that this technique does not treat Melasma.

Thus, you have acquainted with a technique that has become incredibly famous in the whole world, and you got to realize the importance of being professional and having the necessary techniques. Dr. Yassine invites you to try this technique to improve the quality of the skin and enhance its freshness, but always remember that the clinic you visit will always determine the results you get. We are waiting for you at Skin Expert Clinic to make you realize how microneedling can radically change your skin!

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