How Dr. Yassine excels in treating stretch marks?

Stretch marks are quite common skin problems, whenever they appear you try to hide them because they harm your appearance. But what you should know is that there are treatments, and the results can be impressive, if you choose the right doctor and the appropriate clinic.

Therefore, we will reveal to you the treatment techniques adopted by the specialist in dermatology and cosmetology, Dr. Yassine for this particular problem, in order to visit his Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon) as soon as possible and benefit from the effectiveness of these techniques and his high well-known skills.

Reasons for the emergence of Stretch Marks

Pregnancy, rapid increase in height, significant weight changes (either weight gain or weight loss) …  all of these are factors that lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by excessive skin stretching, which leads to the breakage of collagen and elastin fibers in the inner layers.

This will result in the emergence of red or pink streaks in different areas of the body: the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, and upper arms.

Effective treatments at Skin Expert Clinic

It is time to stop feeling bothered every time you look at your body in the mirror and see Stretch Marks! Your self-confidence deserves that you dedicate some time to treating this skin problem. What we would like to point out is that the more the marks were red and pink, the more you get much better results, compared to the marks that turn white after a time of their appearance, as it becomes more difficult to treat.

Treatment in the initial stage is needed for excellent results, and Dr. Yassine is the go-to reference in this field, as he combines three techniques at his Skin Expert Clinic within two phases

The first phase: Fractional laser is used to break down old and damaged collagen and elastin fibers, in combination with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which stimulates the skin to produce new fibers.

The second phase: After the laser sessions, Dr. Yassine refers to the microneedling technique that stimulates collagen production, which means that the skin renews its cells. And along with microneedling, he keeps using plasma injections.

This combination of techniques makes the results very satisfactory, especially when the marks are still pink or red, so the advice of Dr. Yassine for you is never to delay their treatment.

What about the products for the treatment of Stretch Marks?

You hear a lot about treatment products for stretch marks, but when you buy them, they do not give you the desired or expected results. Therefore, we assure you in this regard that there is no alternative to the cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Yassine at hi Skin Expert Clinic. Reliable creams and oils help moisturize and maintain the softness of the skin, but not Stretch Marks after their appearance.

Do not waste time trying unproven treatment methods, yet book an appointment at Dr. Yassine’s clinic and he will check the signs and guide you to the best treatment protocol.

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