Skin Expert Clinic is always the best destination for under-eye fillers!

Are you looking for the best medical clinic for under-eye fillers? You have come to the right place. In the following, we will explain to you why Dr. Yassine’s dermatology and cosmetology Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon), is the preferred choice for many people to treat such a procedure. Follow us and discover some details that will undoubtedly interest you!

Features of under-eye fillers at Skin Expert Clinic

  • Surrounding the eye area: Filler is done under the eye often because of the dark spots along with the presence of a cavity in this area of ​​the face. Also, some people can have very thin skin where so tiny blue arteries appear through them, and here the filler is also used. But what makes the Skin Expert Clinic method pioneering?
    Dr. Yassine corrects all the areas around the eye, not just the bottom of the existing cavity. He can use the filler on the cheeks and temples because they are considered to support under the eye, and the result is really impressive and cannot be compared to the traditional method based on placing the filler in the cavity only.
  • The quality of the filler: the under-eye area and its surroundings are injected with a hyaluronic acid filler that perfectly fills the skin. But what you should know is that Dr. Yassine uses different types of fillers according to each case, the depth of the cavity, and the dark circles undereyes.
    For a small cavity, a light filler is injected to avoid any swelling under the eye. For advanced cases, a hyaluronic acid filler is used with a complex to lighten the under-eye area and get rid of the dark circles.

    There is also a filler you can find at Skin Expert Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon) that can fill the cavity under the eyes while providing deep hydration to this area and a touch of remarkable radiance.
    What unites all of these types of fillers is that they are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA Approved) and are therefore considered completely safe for use.

  • Professional technology: When you want to undergo any cosmetic procedure, safety and security come first. So, at Skin Expert Clinic, you can feel reassured since the used technique is professional as needles are never used for fillers undereyes because of the risks to the eye. As a safe alternative to that, Dr. Yassine uses a fine tube (Cannula) whose size exceeds the arteries under the eye. Also, the appearance of common bruises with under-eye fillers does not occur at Skin Expert Clinic due to the reliance on this tube.
  • Perfect Injection Technique: Many complain of a negative effect of the filler after applying it under the eye causing a Tyndal effect (bluish discoloration undereyes). This is due to the superficial injection of the filler, while the specialist in dermatology and cosmetology, Dr. Yassine deeply injects the filler to avoid any bluish discoloration or swelling, so the result looks perfect and natural at the same time.
  • Filler Durability: Another quite common problem with under-eye fillers, which is the loss of the desired effect after a noticeably short period. This is what you will not encounter at Skin Expert Clinic, as the fillers made by Dr. Yassine last for more than a year due to the right amount of use and the use of high-quality products for the undereye area.

With all these advantages, could you not choose Skin Expert Clinic for the under-eye filler procedure?! In this clinic, quality meets professionalism for complete peace of mind and perfect natural results!

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